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Over the past six years, Councilman Mike Trapp has served the citizens of Columbia as their 2nd Ward City Council member with honesty, integrity and a steadfast dedication to the improvement of our city. During Mike's tenure on the Council Columbia has increased funding for streets and sidewalks, reformed community policing, and brought in hundreds of living wage jobs to the area. Under Mike's leadership, Columbia has become a safer, more just community with growing prosperity for our friends, neighbors, and families. 

If you believe in rising opportunity, social equity, and economic progress join our ever-growing list of community leaders. Sign up today to publicly endorse Mike Trapp for Re-election to City Council in Ward 2. With your support, we will re-elect Mike and together, we will Move Columbia Forward.

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Peer Agencies of Missouri Inc.
    endorsed 2018-03-27 20:34:27 -0500
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    Peer Agencies of Missouri Inc. endorsed 2018-02-28 20:02:47 -0600
    Since our development in January 2014 we have witnessed emince growth with in the City of Columbia. Along with growth accompany growing pains. Mike Trapp with dignity, and integrity has worked honestly, and diligently for the better development and changes of our community. The citizens of the 2nd Ward and the entire City of Columbia share a great asset and friendship in Councilman Trapp.
    endorsed 2018-02-27 17:22:32 -0600